To purchase the vinyl + NFT bundle, you will need a credit card or PayPal account and a Wax wallet.

On May 6, return to babymetal.cards, click the “log-in/sign up” button associated with the bundle, and sign in with your Wax wallet account.

Once signed in, you will see your Wax wallet id displayed and you will be able to add the bundle to your cart and check out. 

Both USD and Yen will be accepted, no Wax or other virtual currencies will be accepted.

Use the toggle at the bottom of the page to adjust your language and currency settings.

The “10 BABYMETAL years” commemorative NFTs will be delivered to your Wax wallet as a complete set of individual cards (not a pack), on Tuesday, May 11, and you will receive an email once all sets have been delivered. No unpacking required!

The “10 BABYMETAL years” limited edition vinyl is a pre-order item and is expected to be released late July, 2021.

These release dates and times are subject to change without notice,  and you will be notified by email once the cards have been issued and your vinyl has shipped. 

To ensure you receive correspondence about your order, please make sure to opt-in for email communication at checkout, and add info@babymetal.cards to your address book.

The “10 BABYMETAL years” commemorative NFT bundle comes with one complete set of 10 trading cards. 

Only 1,000 complete bundles will be minted and will be distributed based on the date and time of your order. The first customer gets the #1 mint, and so on. 

Each NFT is certified authentic, unique, and can never be altered.

Yes! These are the first-ever BABYMETAL NFTs, designed by BABYMETAL and xxxxxx

Setting up a Wax wallet is free, easy and can be done in just two clicks.

Go to wallet.wax.io and log in with your Google, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Discord or other available option, or enter a username and password, and follow the prompts. 

Once completed, your unique ID will automatically be generated. 

The “10 BABYMETAL YEARS” commemorative NFTs are unique, certified authentic, and tradable on a Wax blockchain marketplace like Atomic Hub.

This will allow you to, buy, sell and trade them. Keep your set intact, or stock up on your favorites. The choice is yours.

Once distributed, your BABYMETAL cards will appear in the NFTs section of your Wax wallet.

Due to the limited nature of this release, all sales are final. If your vinyl arrives damaged, please send our customer support team an email at help@babymetal.cards

The Wax blockchain is known as a proof-of-stake blockchain, which uses considerably less energy than other proof-of-work methods, making Wax more than 100,000x more efficient. 

This means that each transaction only uses about 0.00001% of the energy used for a similar transaction on Ethereum.

Have questions?? We’re here to help!

Send us a note at help@babymetal.cards and we’ll take care of you.